Yummy fresh Corn Casserole

Yummy fresh Corn Casserole


  • Fresh ears of corn: 8
  • Heavy cream: 2/3 cups
  • Butter: 3 tablespoons
  • Salt: 1/2 teaspoon
  • Grounded pepper: 1/2 teaspoon


Nowadays, with most of the dishes the freshness of food is getting lost somewhere in our cooking. No longer do we have dishes that are directly cooked from raw vegetables or from the ingredients that you brought straight from the farm. We are largely eating canned foods which are not always good for our health. A healthy lifestyle seems like a difficult way to live. People often excuse this by saying that we do not have time to cook fresh so we go the easy way. What would you say if I told you an easy way of introducing the freshness into your food? I have not yet met anyone in my life who doesn’t like corn and not just any corn but mostly the fresh corn. Don’t you like eating it straight from the ear, boiled or roasted? I definitely love myself one of those.

This is exactly what led me to kick the canned corns and get myself some fresh ears of corn to make the classic corn casserole dish. We have all had it one or the other time at family gatherings but believe me (and try this out for yourself if you don’t) adding fresh corn to the recipe took the taste to a whole new level and the time that I spent making this didn’t really change a lot.

There natural goodness of the corn was evident not only in the taste but also in the superfine texture of the dish. It was simply melting in my mouth and I couldn’t help but keep going back to the casserole dish to get myself another serving and another and another. Same was the reaction of my family when I performed this little miracle of freshness for them. I truly hope that I am able to make a difference to your healthy eating habits with this slight effort from my end.

Let us get going on this fresh corn casserole dish then!

  1. Once you have gathered the ingredients, first of all nicely with the help of the knife (or bare hands, I just find the knife to be a quicker way), slice off the kernels. Make sure before doing this, you remove the threads (the silky ones on the ears) completely so that they do not fall into the bowl when you are slicing the kernels.

  2. You will observe that there is slight watery fluid coming out of the cob, let it fall into the bowl and we can drain it out later (or you can leave it in for more natural yumminess). You will already be able to see the natural creaminess in the bowl and this is what sets the natural corn apart from the canned ones.

  3. Once you are through with all the ears of corn, add the heavy cream and mix it. Mix it well so that the corn kernels are completely drenched in cream and start taking on the flavor.

  4. Add the butter, salt and pepper in whatever order you feel comfortable but ensure that you don’t just season it and leave but mix it with the spoon very thoroughly. Slice up the butter before adding it so that it simply melts away into the mixture. If you are experiencing a low temperature in the region or in other words, it is the winters, you might need some heat to melt the butter. But do not worry too much about this because we are about to pop this into the oven so that butter will anyways melt.

  5. Spread and smooth the silky textured mixture into a baking dish. You can choose to line the casserole dish with butter or grease.

  6. Leave the dish in the oven for about 45 minutes and you will see a fine golden brown top. This is the perfect signal that you fresh corn casserole dish is ready. For best results, serve while warm.